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We put our clients’ interests first. We are a fee-only SEC Registered Investment Adviser Firm, independent and conflict free.  Compare this to brokers or other “financial advisers” who are employed by or associated with brokerage firms and who may receive a sales commission for the products they sell to you – they are first and foremost working for the best interest of the company that employs them and not obligated to put your interests first.

You will work with a smart, sophisticated, and experienced investment team that will combine their financial expertise with emotionally intelligent insights about where you are and where you want to be. Our Founder, Alice Finn, CFP, JD, MALD is a highly acclaimed wealth management expert and has worked with individuals and families for over 25 years. Our Chief Investment Officer, Iwona Cholewa, CFA, MBA has over 20 years of investment management experience and has managed multi-billion-dollar mutual funds and institutional separate accounts.  Studies show that on average women are better investors than men because women are less prone to risky behavior, and are more likely than men to admit to what they don’t know. #smartinvesting #poweredbywomen

We are committed to making the process of investing simple and straightforward. Our investment approach is based on Nobel Prize winning science, but we speak in easy to understand terms to cut through the unnecessarily complex jargon of Wall Street. We promise to speak with you, not at you!

We are passionate about working with women.  Our mission is to help women with their investing, whether they are single or have a partner/spouse, in all life stages, and regardless of net worth.  Don’t get us wrong: many of our clients are men and we work with many couples. However, for a variety of reasons, many women are not as focused on investing for their future as many men are.  So we are on a mission to change that and help women get the power of investing working for them. We create a comfortable, educational and supportive setting to help you achieve your financial goals, which of course can then help you achieve your other life goals!


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