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For a variety of reasons, many women aren’t as confident or knowledgeable about financial matters as men. And very often, this includes highly educated women who either lack the interest or understanding of investing –– or simply lack the time.

Women tend to find investing stressful, time consuming and difficult. They also tend to wait for a life-changing event (marriage, divorce, death of a spouse) to dive in.

But despite this reluctance, women have proven to be better investors than men. Studies show that women are less prone to risky behavior, and more likely than men to admit to what they don’t know.

So why PowerHouse Assets? Because we are committed to making the process of investing simple and straightforward. Our unique approach of bringing investing to women in their communities through our PowerHouse Community Partners makes this possible.

We put our clients’ interests first. Compare this to brokers or other “financial advisers” who are employed by or associated with brokerage firms and generally receive a sales commission for the products they sell to you – working for the best interest of the company which employs them and not you.

We have a intelligent long-term investment approach and a wealth of experience on our PowerHouse Assets investment team. We understand the importance for women to have a solid investment foundation and we know how to best help them achieve just that.


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