Women love our intimate PowerHouse gatherings, finding them both enjoyable and informative. Here is some of what they are saying about them:

I really enjoyed the PowerHouse…..I think that getting women to talk about finance in such intimate settings is non-intimidating and very informative.

Thank you for hosting your PowerHouse event……I thought the information was very useful and it will prompt me to get more involved in my finances!

Thank you – I asked my group after the PowerHouse….they all felt the time was valuable…..they were incredibly excited…they loved the willingness to take any question and comment, they appreciated the simplicity and really felt they all learned so much. Everyone in the group found it worthwhile.

I am so glad I made it to a PowerHouse! It was really great to see women excited and interested in money but more importantly not dreading the thought of it!

It was the best two-hour meeting I’ve ever been to!

We all left the PowerHouse feeling good (I know that probably sounds silly) but it’s true……you brought a room filled with women of all different levels of wealth and knowledge and made investing relatable to everyone, that’s no easy task!…We all agreed….you definitely got the wheels in our heads turning.

Thanks so much for the PowerHouse last night….very informative…and Alice (Finn) is smart yet easy to listen to.

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