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As a wealth manager for more than twenty five years, PowerHouse Founder and CEO, Alice Finn, has seen many women suffer the consequences of not understanding how their money is being handled. Many of these were highly intelligent women with advanced degrees, even MBAs, who didn’t have the time, knowledge or interest to manage their own financial futures.

The goal of PowerHouse Assets is to make smart long-term investing accessible to women. We provide intelligent investment management that ultra-wealthy families have used for decades. We also educate women through a supportive community to give them the confidence they need to achieve long-term financial success.

Research shows that women are indeed better investors than men. So why is it that so many women hand the investing over to men? Why is it that they feel they themselves lack the ability to actively participate in their own financial lives?

The answer begins with how the information is presented to women: speaking with them, not at them. And also where it is presented: at informative PowerHouse gatherings, in the comfort of a friend’s home. This gained knowledge results in confidence –– all a part of the PowerHouse formula, and one that allows our clients to build better, richer lives by taking control of their personal financial futures.


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